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Finnish World of Warcraft guild Paragon managed to kill the current end game boss Ragnaros on heroic mode first in the world and Celestial Aeon Project produced a few epic custom tunes for the video. Here’s the video:

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I finally managed to get myself official composer homepage:


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Elbow’s newest album Build a rocket boys! is one of the best pop albums ever, and it’s ending tune Dear friends is pure beauty. I couldn’t help but record a minimalistic cover version of it:

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Hope you enjoy it! And please, support Elbow: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/build-a-rocket-boys/id422631012

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Now available on Jango as well, tune in!


Now available on Spotify as well!

Celestial Aeon Project – Beyond the mirage

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  Royalty Free Music - Stock Music Library | Jamendo PRO   Royalty Free Music - Stock Music Library | Jamendo PRO


I put up a Celestial Aeon Project Twitter account that gives me possibility to stream short notices regarding my studio work, musical influences and projects where my tunes end up in. You are Welcome to Follow!

C.A.P. tune was integrated into this wonderful presentation by Dicole:

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